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WWLC – WORLD WIDE LANCER CLUB™ NEWS: Summer Kick Off 4 / Lifestyle Show Off

Sunday June 4th Summer Kick Off 4 / Lifestyle Show Off  Toyota Dealership of San Bernidino Ca. 

It was a sunny day on Sunday in San Bernidino Ca as the the attendence at the show was spectacular as rows of cars line up as eagerly waiting to get there awesome rides parked so everyone can wipe down and get ready for this mid afternoon event on this hot sunny day.  

Through out the day we had seen many different car clubs along with there shined up rides looking awesome as can be. Shout to all the car owners for for being so shinny on this hot day. 

At the end of the day we would like to say thank you for having such a great show  and we got a chance to see many different show cars , and congradulations to tall the trophy winners!! 

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WWLC – WORLD WIDE LANCER CLUB™ NEWS: World Wide Lancer Club goes to Orange County Expo

Sunday May 21, 2017  WWLC headed out to the Orange County Expo for the day in Anahiem CA. 

It was a good day to be out on a Sunny Sunday just relaxing going to a small venue for the day. We got a chance to see some of the local community come out and join the festivities for the day. 

Congratdulations to Concept III  Performance winning some trophy awards for the day.  At the end of the day we had a great time at a small event for a Sunday afternoon. 

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Saturday May 6, 2017  WWLCNETWORK rolls with Concept III Performance to Race Worz at Auto Club Speed Way in Fontana Ca. 

As the day started the weather was over cast and a brisk chill in the air as the first roar of the track sounds.

There was many diffrent vehicles on display, along with the MC up on stage DJ Habbitat; music and varitey of  segments was very entertaining that day that kept the crowd in up roar of laughter, while in vendor alley at the Cansonic USA / Concept III Performance Booth non stop customers stopping by to see the Cansonic USA Ultradash Dash Cams . 

As the day comes to the end Cansonic USA / Concept III Performance bringing the day to a close selling out there inventory for the day.

DJ Habbitat was calling out the raffles and the Trophy Awards. Congradualtions  Concept III Performance for bringing home the Gold that added to a succesful day at Race Worz. 

Over all WWLCNETWORK had a awesome time coming out and shout to everyone who put it all together we all hope to see you soon. 


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UltraDash S1

140° Wide-angle lens, Full HD 1080P resolution,
Smart Anti-shaking function, Lens made of deluxe glass,
Night vision, 2.7” LCD color screen,
G sensor / file protection, Automatic start / stop tech,
Parking mode, Built-in microphone & speaker


Full HD 1080P Resolution Footage Recording Comes With 30 FPS

The advanced feature of a FHD 1920*1080 resolution screen makes color performance more real and provides delicate detail. 

Smart Anti-shake Function

 UltraDash adopts a new digital anti-shake technology to make the image and footage stabler in the event a vehicle is shocked from outside, ensuring all the clips are clear and beautiful.

2.7 Inch Big Screen Design Comes With A High Resolution Colorful LCD Screen

A big panel design is a new trend for smart phones. We have improved the technology of the display in an extremely short time. With this advanced technology, there is no ghost effect anymore. Furthermore, it is more convenient to watch the screen when you are without a laptop or PC.

140 Degree Ultra-wide Angle Lens Covers The Whole View Including The Blind Spots We use the incredible A+ panorama lens to avoid neglecting blind spots. High/Wide Dynamic Range – HDR/WDR Sometimes, we may encounter extreme circumstances where either streets are too dark or too bright under sun shine. Both of these situations make it very difficult for the camera to take nice footage. Hence, UltraDash uses the most professional technology to conquer these circumstances. Ultradash is truly state of the art.

G-sensor / Shock-sensor

Automatic Protection of Every Event

The G-sensor is built into the device and it automatically self-activates to protect real-time filming of events. It is also unique in that it is able to sense a certain degree of external force on the vehicle and automatically record. Manual Protection of The Event by Pressing A Hot-key In addition to the G-sensor automatic protection function, we can protect the file by clicking the event hot-key.

Loop and Seamless Function

UltraDash helps you automatically rewrite the files which are not important when the storage is full. With our new seamless technology, we improved the compression of the video files to avoid missing any second during the period of recording.

Collision Detection ( Parking Mode )

Cansonic is the pioneer of collision detection. After leaving your vehicle, if someone bumps into your car, the collision detection sensor is triggered and the power from the battery inside Ultradash is turned on to capture any event as evidence, especially hit and run incidents.

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